KPI Communication tool Eyes on KPIs…

A dashboard for every member and employee to monitor their performance.
Fits Large/Medium/Small organizations.

Easier reporting

Easy, but Advanced. Professional means to communicate KPIs and dashboard throughout the organization.

  • Extract reports.
  • Sending automatic emails.
  • Integration with different data sources.

Impact analysis

Cascading goals and strategies to reach the individual or product KPIs.

Real time monitoring (MTD & YTD)

KPIs are easily defined according to their hierarchy tree, with their frequencies, units, definitions, owners, reporters, and whom to escalate to.

KPIs are always presented in both trending and Month to Day / YTD (Year to day) manners.

Simulation mode

Investigate situations, compress time frames and understand the effects of change in a real life situation. Perform the “What-If” analysis.